• Day and Night Fishing Trips

    Do you love fishing in open water? Spending time with your friends while casting away? Here at Perth Fishing Charters we will do anything to make your time in the open real enjoyment. Our fishing charters in Perth are prepared for any skill level.

    Everyone in Perth Fishing Charters have many years of experience. We love being out in open water. It doesn't matter if you are beginner or professional, we will do our best to make your time with us best time of your life. For all ages - for all people who love fishing!

  • We Create Memories

    Perth Fishing Charters is family business established back in 1980's by my father, George McKenny. He quickly got amazing reputation for one of the best guides through the waters around Perth. Over the years, he brought people to most amazing places for fishing and enjoying with friends and family.

    After all those years behind us, we had many amazing catches. In some cases, one of the biggest catches in the year. Thanks to great knowledge that is passed to me and others in the team we will find you best place for fishing.

Deep Sea Fishing in Perth

We have a team of dedicated professional fisherman who fish in Perth for years. Spend weekend with them fishing for Pink Snapper, Mulloway, Queen Snapper, etc.

Night Fishing

We have amazing night fishing packages for all enthusiasts. At the moment, we have few hundreds successful trips. Come and join us!

Samson Jigging

During Samson jigging season (from 15 October to 15 December) we will take you on amazing trip fishing for this incredible strong fish

Mindarie Weekday Fishing

Every day of the week we will take you for amazing tour fishing over reef for this amazing fish with expert tutors.

Tuesday Specials

Every Tuesday we have specials when we are taking our guests to amazing places with 30% discount. Save some cash and have unforgettable fun!

Whave Watching

We have amazing Ocean Safari Tours from September to December. We will take you to watch whales and hear them with marine specialists.

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