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The accounting industry is growing and competition is widening. You need to be distinguishing your accounting firm against the competitors. The best way to do that is to invest in marketing. Accountants often overlook marketing as they are busy, focus more on word-of-mouth, and are typically uninterested in it. However, if you want to build a sustainable, growing, and successful accounting practice, you need to utilize current marketing techniques and strategies. There are five easy ways that you can market your accounting practice:

Keep your website up to date

Many people look for accountants through Google, so make sure your website is appealing, informative, and completely professional. This is the building block to all other marketing strategies, as other strategies are focused on bringing leads to your site. If your website is poorly designed and outdated, your other marketing strategies to increase traffic to your site will be futile and pointless. Ensure that you invest in a high quality website that can convert leads. Out of all of our tips, this is our most important.

Utilize social media and ads

Once your website is built, you need to gain traction to that site. Use Instagram and Facebook to reach a wider audience base and attract more leads. Share photos, testimonials, and videos of the services you provide as well as real results you have delivered. Be consistent with posting and you will gain traction. Not only is it a good idea to post organically to these social media platforms, but you should also consider investing in digital ads segmented toward your target audience. For example, you can use Google Ads to ensure that your website is showing up at the top of search results on specific keywords. Facebook ads are also a great way to connect with possible leads.

Create a blog

Blogs help boost organic traffic searches and boost SEO (search engine optimization). You can gain more organic traffic to your accounting firm’s website and connect directly with those who would be interested in your services. If you are an accounting firm targeting business owners, start releasing value-based blogs that speak about your expertise in that area, providing readers with immense value. This value will help lead “top of the funnel” leads to become high paying clients for your firm. Especially for services like accounting, people like to know that they are going to be paying for high-quality care. Writing blogs that explain common practices, tips, and benefits of accounting allows you to show your audience why they should choose your business.

Be personable and appeal to emotions

This tip is designed to help your tone, theme, and overall messaging become effective and powerful. One way to be personable and appeal to emotions is by including real client stories and highlights on social media and your website. Accounting is sometimes perceived to be a “scary” or intimidating field. Make your target market feel like they really know you and can trust you to handle their finances. Open up with them, talk about real stories, be genuine, and most importantly, be transparent.

Build your brand

When implementing all of these tips, you can focus on building your brand. Even in accounting, things like a nice logo, a clear mission, and a memorable name make a big difference. Spend time learning about your own brand, figuring out your competitive advantage, studying your competitors, focusing on your strengths, creating a strong company culture, and sharing all of that with your audience. Your brand affects how people perceive your business, so you want this to be a very strong part of your marketing efforts.


The most important initiative your accounting firm can make in this new year is doubling down on marketing. More than ever before, people are finding their services online, through social media, and even through direct advertising. You cannot expect to stay relevant and continue landing clients by not being connected to your clients. If you can follow these strategies, you will be able to increase your revenue and build a stronger brand.


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