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To start with we need to agree on the way of working, either through access to cloud or by our Portal, we advise you to pick up 2-3 jobs for trial purposes. Ideally one client can be a simpler one and one that you struggle to make profit with. This will help you to check the value you derive out of our services. We shall share our checklist to you which contains details of records to be given to us for completion of work.

One of our team leaders will verify that we have all the details we will need in order to complete the job and if anything else is missing we shall send you the pendency in a mail. We shall also complete a Worksheet having details of the work process to be followed for completing the job along with budget and timeline.

We shall process and complete the job as per agreed terms in the worksheet. In case there are any issues which need to be answered by you or you need to check with your client, we shall raise those in queries with you before sending the final draft to you for approval. Once you send replies to those queries, final draft shall be uploaded. The final draft shall be forwarded with notes on the assumptions made while finalising the job for your reference.

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