What Do Visitors Look For In Your Accounting Website?

Importance of A Good Accounting Website.

The world of accounting has grown by leaps and bounds in recent times. It has come a long way from ledgers and manual bookkeeping to advanced digital accounting software. In an age where everything is accessible and readily available in the online world, your accounting services business needs to have a strong online presence.

A good website is an important part of any accounting business. A website is the professional presence of a business in the online world. Hence, it must meet the needs of the audience in order to do well and create a buzz. But what do visitors want when they visit an accounting website? What are their basic needs, and how can you keep them hooked so that they spend a good amount of time on your portal?

Here are the top 5 things visitors look for when they arrive on an accounting services website!

1.Purpose/Relevanc e

The very first thing that visitors look for in a website is its purpose. What is your primary motive behind making this website? How is it relevant to the visitors or the target audience? Are you adding value to a visitor’s experience with your website? These are some vital questions to address when designing your website as they can give visitors just what they are looking for. Make sure that your area of expertise or services that you wish to highlight are clearly stated on the home page. Use CTAs (click to actions) to attract visitors and tell them what they stand to gain by availing of your services.


People who visit a website naturally seek some kind of information regarding a wide range of subjects. It can be about a product, a service, case studies, or anything else under the sun. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to ensure an informative website to attract and retain visitors’ attention. It is equally important to mention exactly how your business can help the visitors.


There will naturally be countless websites similar to yours in the online world. But how does yours stand out? Visitors commonly look for USPs and standout points when choosing between different service providers for their needs. Hence, ensure that your website stands out and make it easy for the visitors to choose you. Create the USP for your accounting company by thinking out-of-the-box so that the visitors are attracted to your business rather than your competitors.


In addition to looking for information, a website must also entertain and be sufficiently riveting to ensure that visitors do not leave the webpage too soon. The longer they stay on one, the more success for a website. Hence, include relevant videos, infographics, and images to keep the website’s design pleasing to the eye. Hiring a professional website developer can stand you in good stead in this regard. When looking for an expert, make sure you check their portfolio to verify if they have worked with accounting businesses websites previously.


Finally, clarity makes a huge difference in making or breaking a website. If the website’s message is unclear or leaves the visitors confused, it will not do you any favors. Hence, always ensure that your website’s content is clear, precise, and to the point. In the same vein, the design and navigation between the different pages on a website must be easy and straightforward to add to their overall browsing experience. Therefore, make sure that the message of your website is clear and straightforward without beating around the bush.


It is important to remember that not all visitors who land on your website want to avail of your products or services. However, that is not a reflection of the success or failure of your website. The bounce rate must be low to ensure that visitors spend most of their time on your website. A higher bounce rate means that visitors liked what they saw on your website, ensuring repeat visits and purchases in the future.

To sum up, focusing on these five key ingredients can help you meet the requirements of the individuals who visit your website. This can further broaden your customer base, resulting in more leads and loyal customers in the long run.

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How To Increase Your Practice In The Current Situation?

accounting and outsourcing services

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate across the world. If you have a business or a practice, the chances are that you might have noticed a dip in clients in the last few months since you started working from home. Growing a practice is not as easy as it seems. It needs constant work and strategic decision-making.

With the current situation, it is the time to think out-of-the-box and get creative.

To help you cope with the current struggle of ‘work from home’ so that you can increase your practice, we share with you five golden tips that can take your practice to new heights. Let’s check them out!

Ways To Increase Your Practice Amidst The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Podcast

Creating podcasts can be a great way to help you reach out to more people. You can share your expertise in accounting practices and offer advice through your podcasts. However, it is important to offer your listener an added value so that they can follow your podcasts and gain from it. This will help you build thought leadership and a reason for people to reach out to you.  It will also help you spread a word about your services in a subtle manner.

  • Video Blogger

Easy access to informative videos has made people more aware of all the fields. However, there is still a lot of dilution when it comes to accounting videos. Therefore, you can use it as an opportunity to become a video blogger and have specific informative videos for your audience. This will help them build trust, and they will not hesitate to reach out to you for their accounting-related needs.

  • Free Downloads From Your Website

Offering free resources on your website in the form of accounting-related e-books or audio tutorials will also get you, regular visitors. In addition to that, having an information-rich free resource will make your visitors trust your services more. This way, you can draw more visitors to your website and also increase your business.

  • Email Campaign

Email campaigns are still the best and the most cost-effective way to reach out to potential clients. With crisp content about your accounting services, you can send out emails and increase your practice in no time. You can offer gifts such as a free e-book or a discount for signing up. This way, you can get more people to sign up and your database will increase.

  • Update Your Website

Keeping your website updated is crucial because, in the current situation, everyone uses the internet extensively to get information. Hence, you must update your services, pricing, and offers to lure more potential clients. In addition to that, you can always add new blogs or other interesting content so your visitors have something to look forward to every time they visit your website. Blogs on relevant topics is one of the best ways to grab the attention of potential clients.

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By embracing these tips in your practice, you can go a long way to increasing your business and growing it in the coming months. You can also seek our help if you are looking for premium outsourced accounting services for your firm.

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How to increase your customer loyalty?

Customers are how a business works. If a business has loyal customers, it means flowing revenue and the growth of a brand. Every company must focus on client retention for repeat business. This is because once a customer is loyal to your brand, he/she will not go elsewhere. Businesses that have a certain relationship with their customers usually inspire the latter to make repeated purchases. However, how can you increase your customer loyalty? Let us find out!

Good customer service is key.

Always prioritise customer service in your company. Good customer service is a true reflection of just how much you appreciate and value all your customers. Your customer service support team must be on point on social media platforms and via calls/emails. This will help the customers feel more at ease with their buying decisions with you.

Seek feedback & heed it.

Take feedback from your customers and heed their advice. Every business must go the extra mile to collect reviews of how they have been doing. This criticism can help you go and improve your services. Hence, it will automatically increase your customer loyalty.

Make it easy for customers to buy your products/services.

You must make your products and services easily available to your customers. Many times, complicated sign-ups or asking for too many personal details drive the customers away. Hence, it would be best if you tried to make it easy to buy or pay for your products and services. You can try to offer as many payment options as possible so that the customers can choose as per their convenience.

Your brand should be about more than just money.

Building a brand name plays a vital role in gaining personal loyalty. Therefore, you must aim towards prioritising having a solid name in the market over money. For this, you can offer attractive discounts and impeccable customer service. This might mean walking the extra mile in the beginning, but you will see good returns in the future. If you work with this attitude, you will notice an increase in your loyal customers.


Customer loyalty is the best way to ensure repeat business. In fact, if a customer is loyal to your brand, he/she will recommend it to others. Following these handy tips can help you increase customer loyalty significantly.

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Coronavirus and How Virtual Accounting Companies Can Help your Business


With the pandemic changing the business landscape, working with virtual accounting companies is the best way to keep your finances and other critical processes in check.

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the way that companies do business. Just a few months ago, it was all business as usual. But now, the government regulations to control the spread of the disease have seen most business close doors. Now, many companies are shifting to the internet to render services to their esteemed clients. They are also having their employees work from home.

If you were contemplating between an in-house and outsourced bookkeeping expert, then the decision is now easier – a remote one will be more beneficial than an in-house one. Working with the best  virtual accounting companies  is a great way to get your bookkeeping and accounting solutions handled without worrying about the effects of the pandemic. In this article, we will tell you how a remote accounting company will be beneficial during the global crisis.

Play your part in preventing the spread of the virus

Coronavirus is spreading like wildfire. Just a couple of months ago, we all thought that it was a China-only problem. But at the moment, it has affected more than three-quarters of the world. By working with a virtual company, you cut out the need of employees having to come to the office, and thereby, minimizing exposure. You can think of this as your way of supporting the government’s effort to stop the spread.

Avoid overspending during the crisis

If there’s one thing that most businesses are struggling with right now is to stay afloat amidst the mess. The last thing you want is to start spending lots of money trying to put new structures in place for the new team. Not to mention the interviews and training costs. Working with online accounting companies means you enjoy the services without having to spend a fortune on the onboarding process. Additionally, you may not need to spend money trying to buy new bookkeeping and accounting software and technology because these companies already have the latest ones.

One less thing to worry about

Hiring a virtual accounting company means your accounts, VAT, payroll, invoices, cash flow, and other bookkeeping solutions are taken care of. At least, that’s one less thing to worry about. Besides, a virtual company ensures you get real-time, accurate financial reporting you need.

Virtual is the new norm

We are living in unprecedented times. No one knows for sure how the business landscape will look like after the pandemic is over. But still, one this is for sure – more businesses are shifting online to offer services. Clients, too, are turning to the internet to buy solutions. Unless you adjust your structures to accommodate online services and transactions, you might end up missing out. A virtual accounting company allows you to streamline your finances both virtually and physically, allowing for a smooth transition to the latest marketing models. They will advise you on tax matters and everything you need to know about selling online.


Working with a remote company might be of a necessity than an option right now. But you shouldn’t view it as a punishment, but an opportunity to expand your business and align with the new way of doing things.

5 Costly mistakes for an accountant

Accountants are the ones primarily responsible for the maintenance and examination of records of a business while computing the financial status of the company by preparing final accounts like P&L account, Balance sheet, etc. Also, accountants are the ones liable to file taxes and scrutinize the accuracy of records of a company. As a result, they are expected to be accurate. Any accounting mistake on their part can have long lasting effects.

Incompetence as well as inaccuracy in maintaining the accounts of the company can give major blow to a small sized company. Though it would not be right to say that big companies wouldn’t be affected by it at all. Misleading information resulting from the accountants mistakes can lead to major losses and punitive action from regulatory authorities. In this content, we will talk about the costly accounting mistakes that could cost high to companies of all sizes and should be avoided by the accountants-

An accountant should not:-

Maintain one account for personal and professional finances of the owners

An accountant should not commit the mistake of maintaining one account for personal and professional transactions. Rather, he should have different accounts for the proprietor’s and business’s transactions to be able to have a clear picture of profitability of the company.  Separate accounts will also facilitate in enjoying tax benefits through claimable business expenses. He should also insist on a business-only credit card. These steps also help in regulatory audit if any done later on.

Go with the traditional mode of monitoring expenses, rather make use of technology

Are you still confined to traditional type of accounting? It not only involves more human errors, but also require vigilant collection of receipts and other proofs of income or expenditure making the work little tedious. Switch to technology and use apps. These applications draft easy to share expenses reports and affirm automatic sync with the accounting software.

Ignore to manoeuvre for growth

Are you emphasizing on for the strategy for long term expansion of your clients’ business? If not, then this is one of your costly accounting mistakes. Successful accountancy refers to overseeing day-to-day finances along with working on to fetch future expansion of the business.

Software and cloud-based accounting confirms much easier way. It tracks the financials along with identifying the potential risks, trends, and metrics.

Show ignorance in accounts receivable slide

Mistake in keeping the track of accounts receivable and outstanding invoices is another serious mistake on behalf of the accountant. An accountant should be highly vigilant as well as strict in making policy for tracking the accounts receivable as well as that of due invoices.

Immediate action, up-to-date accurate records, and adoption to cloud based accounting is the solution to this mistake.

Should not be a one man army

One of the mistakes is absence of comprehensive knowledge as well as qualification of accounting. No matter what the size of a business is, the accountant should be well-qualified, trained, and experienced with the accounting skills. However, the accountant cannot be expected to have expertise in all areas of business. Therefore, one should not hesitate to seek help of  specialised accounting professionals  in the matters related to specific line of business.  An accountant should seek the help of trusted professionals, invest in  excellent IT solutions , and get himself updated with the latest trends and tools.

5 Common Accounts Outsourcing Myths ~ Busted!!! (Part ~ 1)

Outsourcing your core services (bookkeeping, tax preparations, payroll etc.) can prove to be an intimidating task, since you’ve never done it before or are dealing with a new outsourcing vendor of a new
country. And often, these fears and uncertainties can give birth to a lot of myths. Let’s try and bust some!

  1. Outsourcing is only for big and mature companies

This is the most common myth among the newly established British accountancy practices (small-scale to medium scale) that prevails. But, contrary to the popular belief, the decision to outsource their activities if a fruitful one as these practices are looking to grow from startup to a mature organisation.

The erratic nature of work inflow is what info@米6米乐体育 is beautifully accustomed to and hence is more than ready to tackle it.

  1. Communication and Technical Infrastructure imbalance

An expert outsourcing company will always be ready to deal with gaps in communication by ensuring superiority in technology and related equipment; establishing clear communication lines between the firm and the client and guaranteeing that the right person receives the necessary information.

At info@米6米乐体育 communication is usually maintained between the parties via telephone, emails and online video conferences.

Our separate IT department is adept in dealing with sustenance of such technical requirements of the business.

  1. Cultural and linguistic differences creates obstacles in mutual understanding

Usually, this poses a risk if the outsourcing firm is in direct touch with your clients. The language style and cultural nuances become impediments to your success. But, as an outsourcer to another British accountancy practice there is little or no such risk.

info@米6米乐体育 boasts of qualified, well-versed and capable staff dealing with the British atmosphere for about a decade now. Issues regarding the matter (if any,) are dealt with speedily and sorted out in no time.

  1. Lack of control and management

Managing personnel in-house is a lot easier. From operations to training to communications you have the ability to exercise control to ensure the standards are met. Ideally, a premier service provider ensures a well-trained staff, adjusted to your preferences and protocols.

info@米6米乐体育 has been working with British chartered accountants since 2004, and has ensured that with timely communication and control, the jobs are executed as per the desired standards.

  1. Time Zone difference

Nobody can deny that there are issues in outsourcing to firm based in another country. But, such difference that also affects the work flow can be continually overcome by establishing flexible communication channels. Any urgent work can be done on priority and be promptly replied to and the normal operations can be done within the usual prescribed timeline.

At info@米6米乐体育, we pre-establish the work principles regarding the frequency and mode of communication along with singled out professional staff dedicated to your firm.